In 2013 361º, a shoe brand in China launched a program called One Cares One in efforts to give every barefoot child in China a brand new pair of shoes. When a consumer buys one pair of shoes from 361º, another pair is donated. 

The Problem: After conducting research,
we came away with the insight that the brand is well known but consumers aren't purchasing the shoes because they don't think it's cool.

The Solution: 3 designers design a line of shoes called The Onesº. For every pair sold, 361º will donate 1,000 pairs of shoes.

1,000 limited edition The Onesº shoes total
¥6,000 ($1,000) for a pair
1,000,000 kids with a pair of new shoes

In addition, a new line of shoes called
The Onesº Classic where created for
a buy 1, donate 1 purchase. 

Client: Student Competition 
Studio: One Show China Youth Creative Workshop
Role: Design, Art Direction
Year: 2015
Award: Bronze Pencil

shoes_0000_ai weiwei

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